Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort ascending
Yarnall Stanley R. 1919 Friend Germantown Pennsylvania United States
Daniels Clyde 1914 Jehovah's Witness Dixon Illinois United States
Moore Clyde J. 1914 Brethren Mineral Point Pennsylvania United States
Stanley Philip B. 1919 Friend Kokomo Indiana United States
Mahin Charles 1914 Brethren W Los Angeles California United States
Ebersole Ernest S. 1926 Mennonite Elizabethtown Pennsylvania United States
Wenger Eldon C. 1923 Mennonite West Liberty Ohio United States
Decker Boyd E. 1917 Methodist Cottage Grove Oregon United States
Mosiman Howard W. 1917 Missionary Church Association Benton Kansas United States
Chrisco David E. 1918 Congregational Steeds North Carolina United States
Simensky John 1914 Pentecostal Brooklyn New York United States
Peters Fay D. 1920 Brethren Wheaton Illinois United States
Bowman Durward L. 1916 Mennonite Harrisonburg Virginia United States
Beard Paul W. 1922 Brethren Modesto California United States
Mumaw Lowell E. 1924 Mennonite Goshen Indiana United States
Martin Benjamin Wilmer 1923 Mennonite Old East Earl Pennsylvania United States
Eicher Andrew 1919 Mennonite Old Order Amish Woodburn Indiana United States
Kirkpatrick Truman 1913 Methodist Chicago Illinois United States
Jones William L. 1915 Methodist Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Classen Leo J. 1926 Mennonite Evangelical Brethren Dallas Oregon United States
Smith Floyd D. 1920 Methodist Minneapolis Minnesota United States
Wollney LeRoy V. 1924 Catholic Trenton Michigan United States
Pintar D. James 1910 Essenes Abmeek Michigan United States
Brenneman Gaylord H. 1923 Mennonite Conservative Amish Kalona Iowa United States
Beloof Robert L. 1923 Friend Wichita Kansas United States
Nafziger Wilmer A. 1917 Mennonite Minier Illinois United States
Knechel Winfield D. 1923 Brethren Allentown Pennsylvania United States
Kasperowicz Nick C. 1918 Associated Bible Students Patterson New Jersey United States
Wedel Marlin M. 1919 Mennonite General Conference Moundridge Kansas United States
Yearout Robert L. 1924 Brethren Fresno California United States
Dankert Donald A. 1917 Baptist Fredonia New York United States
Moore Herbert L. 1919 Disciples of Christ Cutler Indiana United States
Stanley Woodrow L. 1913 Friend Fillmore Indiana United States
Maier William M. 1909 Friend Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania United States
Ebersole Paul H. 1918 Mennonite Old Annville Pennsylvania United States
Wenger* Howard 1918 Mennonite Goshen Indiana United States
Decker Vernon 1926 Mennonite DeRidder Louisiana United States
Moster Sanford J. 1922 Jewish Montclair New Jersey United States
Christensen James B. 1924 Methodist St.Paul Minnesota United States
Simmons Vernon M. 1924 Jehovah's Witness Baltimore Maryland United States
Peters Harold R. 1921 Nazarene Martinsville Indiana United States
Bowman Jesse J. 1921 Brethren Grottoes Virginia United States
Beattie Warren M. 1916 Methodist Denver Colorado United States
Mundell Asa 1922 Methodist Rocky Ford Colorado United States
Martin Charles H. 1918 None Culver City California United States
Eicher Jacob W. 1922 Mennonite Ft Wayne Indiana United States
Kissinger Warren S. 1922 Brethren Akron Pennsylvania United States
Jordan Emory F 1913 Church of the First Born Fullerton California United States
Clausen Robert M. 1910 Disciples of Christ Portland Oregon United States
Smith Gay W. 1925 Jehovah's Witness South Whitley Indiana United States