Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort ascending
Gerber Orie D. 1927 Mennonite Millersburg Ohio United States
Shetler Henry J. 1926 Mennonite Old Order Amish Monroe Indiana United States
Baxter Melvin D. 1918 Unknown Syracuse New York United States
Hoover David R. 1921 Brethren in Christ Mennonite Ludlow Falls Ohio United States
Mitchell Thomas S. 1925 Christadelphian Denver Colorado United States
Barnhart Roy W. 1918 Brethren Springfield Ohio United States
Rissler Isaac M. 1919 Mennonite Wenger Bare Hill Pennsylvania United States
Staebler Warren I. 1912 None Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Omer Guy C. 1912 Friend Stockton California United States
Ulick Stanley C. 1922 Jewish Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Bentch Aubrey R. 1920 Mennonite Old Edwards Missouri United States
Buller Alva L. 1917 Mennonite Fairview Oklahoma United States
Kreider John R.* 1919 Mennonite Old Wadsworth Ohio United States
Showalter Edward H. 1922 Mennonite Old Dayton Virginia United States
Schlabach Henry A. 1921 Mennonite Old Order Amish Millersburg Ohio United States
Zahn Oswald Franklin 1908 Christian Scientist San Diego California United States
Becker Leslie C. 1916 Mennonite Goltry Oklahoma United States
Mast Albert J. 1919 Mennonite Old Order Amish Middlefield Ohio United States
Bauman Harvey M. 1920 Mennonite General Conference Quakertown Pennsylvania United States
Henson Abbott C. 1920 Jennings Chapel Centre Alabama United States
Rohrer Joseph R. 1915 Episcopal Amelia Ohio United States
Steckly Dale 1920 Mennonite Iowa City Iowa United States
Thompson Lloyd W. 1920 Brethren St. Joseph Missouri United States
Page Kirby 1916 Friend La Habra California United States
Miller Ben A. 1913 Mennonite Amish Greenville Pennsylvania United States
Birkey Ralph O. 1917 Mennonite Old Clarksville Michigan United States
Burnham Kenneth E. 1915 None Media Pennsylvania United States
Kurtz William A. 1915 Mennonite Old Loman Minnesota United States
Pottenger James L. 1917 Methodist Washington District Of Columbia United States
Ehman Edward G. 1921 Jehovah's Witness Anaheim California United States
Wilder Robert E. 1914 Jehovah's Witness Eugene Oregon United States
Zucker Jack W. 1916 None New York New York United States
Garner James W. 1925 Jehovah's Witness East Brewton Alabama United States
McBee Dalton H. 1915 Friend Northhampton Massachusetts United States
Hershey Lester B. 1922 Mennonite Old Wellsville Pennsylvania United States
Tolstoy John W. 1911 Russian Molokan Los Angeles California United States
Holdeman Paul H. 1924 Mennonite Old Denver Colorado United States
Miller W. Eldo 1914 Brethren Ft. Wayne Indiana United States
Miller Ezra J. 1918 Mennonite Amish Shipshewanna Indiana United States
Quillen Edgar Roland 1913 Christadelphian Portsmouth Virginia United States
Emmert Donald R. 1927 Mennonite Old Sweet Home Oregon United States
Wilson Thomas C. 1922 None Cecilia Kentucky United States
Gerber Richard B. 1924 Mennonite Amish Sugarcreek Ohio United States
Shetler Mervin H. 1923 Mennonite Old Order Amish Millersburg Ohio United States
Baynard John F. 1925 Mennonite Christiana Pennsylvania United States
Hoover Lloyd G. 1918 United Brethren New Holland Pennsylvania United States
Mixon Fernando M 1915 Church of God Perry Florida United States
Barr Francis H. 1925 Brethren Nampa Idaho United States
Ritter Edgar E. 1917 Methodist Fairhope Alabama United States
Stahl Elias 1922 Hutterian Brethren Lewistown Montana United States