Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Akutowicz Edwin J. 1922 None Windsor Connecticut United States
Taylor Sherman A. 1919 Missionary Church Association Pettisville Ohio United States
Isaac Nickey A. 1922 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Conway Kansas United States
Sampson Robert L. 1915 Brethren Michigan City Indiana United States
Boatman Donald R. 1925 Brethren Dayton Ohio United States
Hare William H. 1913 Friend Oakland California United States
Beckler Clayton D. 1923 Mennonite Old Milford Nebraska United States
Shipp John R. 1923 Brethren Harrisonburg Virginia United States
Erb John A. 1925 Mennonite Sugarcreek Ohio United States
Lischner Harold W. Theosophist South Pasadena California United States
Kroeker Henry G. 1912 Mennonite Brethren Kremlin Oklahoma United States
Horning James A. 1927 Brethren Chicago Illinois United States
Anderson Demry 1918 Jehovah's Witness Weed New Mexico United States
Thomas Raymond J. 1919 Mennonite Conservative Amish Goshen Indiana United States
Wengerd Henry 1927 Mennonite Amish Uniontown Ohio United States
Grover A. Sheldon 1921 Old German Baptist Modesto California United States
Bontrager Lyle 1925 Mennonite Old Fairview Michigan United States
Driver Norman E. 1924 Old German Baptist Pico California United States
Tuttle G. Kenneth 1916 Baptist Rochester New York United States
Shrock Enos O. 1925 Mennnite Old Order Amish Wooster Ohio United States
Ewy Daniel J. 1918 Mennonite General Conference Parlier California United States
Love Radical 1909 Father Divine New York New York United States
Woodward Walter F. 1915 National Church of Positive Christianity Washington District Of Columbia United States
Lais Arthur W. 1920 Mennonite Molalla Oregon United States
Forsyth* Brian 1914 Essenes Elismore California United States
Whittington Felix 1917 Church of God Liberty Massachusetts United States
Hagerman Philip A. 1916 Church of Jesus Christ Sullivan Illinois United States
Main Henry A. 1917 Brethren Westminster Maryland United States
Eaton Forrest E. 1919 Brethren Broadway Virginia United States
Rudy John H. 1924 Mennonite Old York Pennsylvania United States
Unruh Walter C 1925 Mennonite General Conference Enid Oklahoma United States
Hamm Homer D. 1916 Brethren Cerro Gordo Illinois United States
Beachy Emmanuel M. 1913 Mennonite Amish Millersburg Ohio United States
Yoder Curtis J. 1921 Mennonite Old Wellman Iowa United States
Frederick Carlyle R. 1921 Brethren Nappanee Indiana United States
Martin Charles L. 1918 Mennonite Old Gordonville Pennsylvania United States
Hollingsworth Evan R. 1920 Methodist Marion Virginia United States
Albrecht James E 1916 Lutheran Beaver Dam Wisconsin United States
Taylor Walter 1919 Congregational Christian New York New York United States
Isely H. Philip 1915 None Salem Oregon United States
Sanders Donald G. 1919 Congregational Christian Sherrill New York United States
Bock Harold 1914 None Nappanee Indiana United States
Harman James D. 1918 Methodist Magnolia Arkansas United States
Bednarz Julius 1913 Associated Bible Students Passiac New Jersey United States
Shirk David W. 1914 Mennonite Ephrata Pennsylvania United States
Erbaugh Eugene I. 1923 Brethren New Lebanon Ohio United States
Little Arthur D. 1911 None Thomasville Georgia United States
Kroll Stuart W. 1909 Presbyterian Rome New York United States
Horowitz Morris A. 1914 Jewish New York New York United States
Anderson George A. 1911 Methodist Midvale Utah United States