Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Nightengale F. Wade 1918 Mennonite General Conference Fairview Oklahoma United States
Anderson Sydney 1927 Methodist Baldwin City Kansas United States
Kliewer Alden Ray 1922 Mennonite Fairview Oklahoma United States
Redger Jacob J. 1924 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Tampa Kansas United States
Jones Marvin L. 1923 Brethren Aberdeen South Dakota United States
Unruh Curtis H. 1923 None Greensburg Kansas United States
Snyder Henry G. 1920 Brethren West Leesport Pennsylvania United States
Case Eben W. 1918 Jehovah's Witness Shelter Island Hts. New York United States
Schmoe Kenneth W. 1920 Friend Seattle Washington United States
Miller Chris E. 1926 Mennonite Old Akron New York United States
Magaw Ivan W. 1924 Church of God Oregon Illinois United States
Plaugher James W. 1920 Baptist Fresno California United States
Crumley Howard 1920 Brethren Fountain City Tennessee United States
Irwin John F. 1921 Methodist Evanston Illinois United States
Quiring Elmer H. 1919 Mennonite General Conference Weatherford Oklahoma United States
Aukermann Glen E. 1921 Brethren Laura Ohio United States
Coates Charles C. 1919 Friend Nottingham Pennsylvania United States
Reimer Dave C. 1922 Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde Meade Kansas United States
Karlin Frank C. 1909 Catholic Wichita Kansas United States
Sperling Menno M. 1905 Mennonite General Conference Moundridge Kansas United States
Schrock Levi S. 1921 Mennonite Old Order Amish Shipshewana Indiana United States
Martens Henry P. 1924 Mennonite Brethren Fairview Oklahoma United States
Kuhn Charles E. 1915 Catholic Pitsburgh Pennsylvania United States
Jantzi Robert W. 1927 Mennonite Old Tangent Oregon United States
Morris William K. 1921 Disciples of Christ Hopkinsville, Kentucky United States
Cook Thomas C. 1918 Friend Providence Iowa United States
Wampler Jodie Welden 1922 Brethren Bridgewater Virginia United States
Neufeld Harry V. 1918 Mennonite General Conference Medford Oklahoma United States
Aleem* Nazeer 1916 Muslim Cleveland Ohio United States
Kendall Eugene L. 1917 Brethren Greentown Indiana United States
King Paul M. 1915 Mennonite Kokomo Indiana United States
Truax Benjamin F. 1916 Church of Christ Woodsfield Ohio United States
Calvert Robert G. 1926 Baptist Pitman New Jersey United States
Landis Ernest K. 1918 Mennonite Souderton Pennsylvania United States
Petersime Marvin B. 1921 Brethren Gettysburg Ohio United States
Cowles Edward J. 1918 None Port Ludlow Washington United States
Powell Don G. 1918 Friend Plains Kansas United States
Andreas John F. 1919 Mennonite Beatrice Nebraska United States
Weaver Cleo W. 1921 Mennonite Harrisonburg Virginia United States
Nightengale John 1919 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Sublette Kansas United States
Anderson Vernon W. 1911 None Whittemore Michigan United States
Kliewer Cornelius L. 1916 Mennonite Brethren Cordell Oklahoma United States
Rediger Ferman A. 1923 Mennonite Old Milford Nebraska United States
Jones Wayne R. 1917 Congregational Lawrence Kansas United States
Unruh Ezra 1922 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Copeland Kansas United States
Snyder William F. 1921 Mennonite Old Wakarusa Indiana United States
Casey Keith H. 1919 Friend Topeka Kansas United States
Schmucker Ezra O. 1921 Mennonite Old Albany Oregon United States
Miller Clair E. 1921 Brethren N. Kansas City Missouri United States
Magon John A. 1917 None Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States