Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination Citysort ascending State Country
Harvey* William Marion Unknown
Bontrager* Moses B.
Miller* Alvin J. Unknown
Halsey Enos B.* Unknown
McNeary Harry H. 1918 Church of God
Roodenko Igal 1917 Unknown
Jackson* Melvin W Unknown
Hershberger Edward J.*
Walker* Douglas K. Unknown
Wall* Gaylord Unknown
Kauffman* Vernon
Dick Harry R.* 1921
Wilson* Francis Ridding Unknown
Paul* Milford
Johnson Paul B. Friend
Miller* Jonas N. Unknown
Shetler Sanford Grant Mennonite
Whitson* Holman
Blosser David*
Koltner* Wayne Emory Unknown
Leonard* Thomas 1916 Unknown
Kirk Donald E. 1913 Presbyterian
Sanders Edwin Allen 1915 Friend
Klaasen* Arnold D.
Gansinger Leonard Devin* Unknown
Hofer* Mike Unknown