CPS Worker 011830 - Zahn, Gordon C.

CPS Worker 011830 - Zahn, Gordon C.

Birth year: 1918

Denomination: Catholic

Education: BA '47 Science; MA '50; PhD '52

Original occupation: Insurance department manager

Occupation after CPS: College Professor Sociology 1967-80/retiring from Univ. of Mass. Boston

Drafted from: Milwaukee , Wisconsin, United States

Entered CPS: 10 27, 1942

Left CPS: 4 6, 1946


Zahn served as assistant director at the school.  After he left CPS in April 1946, he became an active critic of the treatment of the residents.  He first wrote the Board of Visitors of the Rosewood Training School describing lack of recreational programs and facilities, requirements for residents to work long hours with little time off and being subject to “capricious, careless and unjust disciplinary actions" (to read more, see "Letter from Gordon Zahn" as listed under "Other Materials). 


Zahn also wrote a series of articles in the Catholic Worker—"State School Unnatural, Maltreats Children," “Slaves or Patients?" and “Abandon Hope."


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