CPS Unit Number 072-01

CPS Unit Number 072-01

Camp: 72

Unit ID: 1

Title: Hawthornden State Hospital

Operating agency: MCC

Opened: 12 1942

Closed: 9 1946


CPS Unit No. 72, a Mental Hospital unit at Hawthornden State Hospital in Macedonia, Ohio operated by Mennonite Central Committee, opened in December 1942 and closed in September 1946. At least half of the men served as ward attendants, and several wives worked in the women’s ward.

Macedonia, Ohio, United States
Location Description:

Hawthornden State Hospital was located about halfway between Cleveland and Akron in the Sagamore Hills, and five miles from the nearest town of Macedonia.  A new hospital with buildings arranged on the cottage plan, the institution served one thousand patients. 

Camp staff:

Directors: Donald Liechty, Dwayne Nelson, Roy Stuckey

The people:

The unit began with ten men and grew to twenty-nine assignees in October, 1945.  Half of the men in the unit were married.

The work:

About half of the men worked as ward attendants in nineteen- hour days with one day off duty each week.  At one point all but four of the men served as ward attendants.  When not in that role, the men held a variety of jobs at the hospital.


Training for work in the mental hospitals was uneven, and frequently “on-the-job.”  Harry van Dyck reported spending his first day at Hawthornden “observing Jim and Dole, the CO attendants who worked the day shift on Cottage Four, go through the morning routine.  This brief apprenticeship was the extent of my training.  I soaked up what I could about hospital policies plus some do’s and don’ts of ward work."  (Taylor p. 200)

Camp life:

Living conditions were reported to be satisfactory and the food adequate.


Some of the wives worked at the hospital for a time, however conditions proved to be unsatisfactory, and they discontinued.  With high staff shortage in the women’s buildings, the superintendent had hired a group from the state prison for women at Marysville, OH.


During the summer, the men met with those assigned to CPS Unit No. 69 at the Cleveland State Hospital for softball games and social events.


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